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Production with Purpose

MediaNatives is a film production company with a difference. We aim to address the talent gap in the UK’s media landscape by opening the door to young people whose voices aren’t normally heard.

When only a select few can seriously consider a career in media, we are all worse off. A vital, innovative and truly creative media industry should welcome entrants from all backgrounds.


The UK is full of untapped production talent. Young people who lack the funding, support and resources to get where they deserve to be.
MediaNatives offers them a pathway into the world of production, giving them the opportunity to work on real-world projects with tangible outcomes.

This isn’t just work experience. For a start, everyone gets paid. They work closely with professionals and mentors, driving projects from start to finish, gaining invaluable experience along the way.
Our projects have a particular focus on social impact.
These are films for young people by young people about the issues that matter to them.

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